ABOUT US Camareigh German Shepherds

Many years ago as a child, my family saw the new Walt Disney movie "Lassie" but, it wasn't Lassie who caught my eye.  A German Shepherd appeared in one of the scenes and I thought it was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen!  I was allowed to save up and purchase my first German Shepherd and have never been without one to this day.   


If you are looking at this website, you probably already admire the German Shepherd breed and know that they are not only beautiful but incredibly intelligent and loyal.  A German Shepherd wants to be your best friend  and spend their life with you.  ​So, while my passion is to produce beautiful animals with sound structure and temperament, my priority is to place these animals in homes where they will become a cherished member of your family. I take special care to breed healthy animals. For example, only dogs who have x-rayed clear for hip and elbow dysplasia are used in my breeding program. 

I am a member of the Ottawa Area German Shepherd Dog Club, Canadian Kennel Club, German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada and German Shepherd Dog Club of America.


 I have been very lucky to work with Hartley and Darlene Smith of SHEBLAND GERMAN SHEPHERDS  (www.sheblandgsd.com) who have been mentors and supporters for many years.  I greatly appreciate their vast knowledge, experience and generosity. 


I hope you enjoy visiting our site.